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On August 21st, 2009, at an intimidating 5’7″ and a hefty 150 pounds, Richie Contartesi achieved his first major life goal by earning a full Division-1 football scholarship to the University of Mississippi more commonly known as “Ole Miss”.

During his formative years, adversity hit home and rocked the foundation of his life, his parent’s divorce. The impact of the divorce had a devastating effect on Richie, resulting in failing 5th grade, acting out in school, depression, and even contemplating suicide.

At rock bottom and with no hope, Richie decided to search the internet and found the academic requirements for his childhood dream, playing college football. That night changed his life. With no knowledge of goals and planning, he printed out those requirements, wrote down a goal, expressed a vision, and developed a plan to achieve it.

Richie was never the smartest, the biggest, nor the most talented. At 12 years old, he was fortunate to have a caring mentor enter his life. A mentor who saw something special and helped Richie recognize and develop his potential during middle and high school. Unfortunately, Richie broke his leg during his senior year of high school and coupled with his size, he had no chance of playing Division-1 college football.

Richie’s first attempt to play college football, at a Division 2 football program, ended after a year and he was cut from the team. Richie reached out to his old mentor and found out he had just received a coaching internship for the Ole Miss Football Team. The strong mentor relationship and trust built over the years, helped Richie secure one sixty minute tryout and a”real shot” to make the Ole Miss football team as a “walk-on”. An opportunity of playing with the most gifted and talented football players in the country.

Richie initially didn’t make the team, but earned an extended one week tryout to prove he could take the hits and made it as a “walk-on” football player. Despite grinding through three years of grueling physical practices, failure, rejection, and ridicule, his relentless resilience earned him the right to be a starter, a respected teammate, and “In Spite of the Odds” became a Division-1 football scholarship athlete in the powerhouse South Eastern Conference (The SEC). He also went on to earn the SEC Scholar Athlete award.

After his graduation from Ole Miss, Richie played professional Arena football, authored his #1 bestseller, “In Spite of the Odds”, was featured in the movie “Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On”, built a successful speaking and professional development business, started a real estate investment company, and opened the only 24/7 functional fitness facility in Las Vegas.

Richie developed his business and sales acumen in the high pressure environment of New York City, where he spent the early days of his sales career. As a rookie, he developed a keen sense of communication and awareness that propelled him from a “green” sales prospect to a top organizational earner of a fortune 500 company.

Richie consistently won coveted company sales awards by setting aggressive sales goals and working relentlessly to achieve them. Richie’s powerful “why”, ability to adapt to change, take ownership, hold himself accountable, and prioritize efficient workdays, fueled a relentless mindset™ prompting him to call or visit over a hundred prospects daily and present how opportunities to reduce cost and increase profit was already within them.

Richie continues to share his experiences and techniques to help others take ownership, and enjoy the successes he has earned and enjoyed over his career. As a selfless servant leader and communicator, his message to you is “bring it on” and together we can conquer the world!

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