Sales Motivational Speaker

Motivate, Inspire, Engage & Increase Sales by 19% in 1 Quarter


Sales Motivational Speaker

Motivate, Inspire, & Engage Your Sales Force and Increase Sales by 19% in 1 Quarter


“Am I Truly Maximizing the Potential of My Sales Force?”


Are you Looking For a Motivational & Inspirational Speaker Who Can Make a Lasting Impact?


A Few Reasons Why Organizations Choose Richie:


High Energy

Extremely Relatable

Authentic & Passionate

Provides Actionable Takeaways

Easy To Work With

Inspiring Personal Story

Customized Keynotes

The Performance Booster™ Framework


Sales Motivational Speaker


Richie Contartesi found his first passion, playing football, and turned that into a full D1 football scholarship at Ole Miss standing a staggering 5’7″ and a hefty 150 pounds.


He went on to play Arena Professionally, wrote a #1 Best Seller, opened a franchising 24/7 functional fitness facility, and now every year he travels the globe working with hundreds of organizations that want to inspire, engage, develop, and maximize the full potential of their sales people so everyone can make a bigger impact.


“It hurts me when people don’t push themselves to become the best version of themselves not only because of the lifestyle they are missing out on, but also because of the powerful person they will become along the way.” ~Richie Contartesi


And just like that, the Performance Booster™ Framework was BORN…

The Performance Booster™ Framework

Richie Created and Developed the Performance Booster™ Framework so Leaders Can Develop All-Stars

Choose Your Keynote:


Richie isn’t just a keynote speaker, but a partner. All of his keynotes and services are customized and personalized to help you achieve your goals the fastest. We will work closely with you to customize the keynote to either be motivational, Inspirational, and or content heavy. 


Richie’s pre-keynote prep includes:

Company and Employee Assessment
Company and Industry KPI Research
Executive Call

Keynote For Sales Teams

Reignite The Relentless Within: 5 key personal commitments to capitalize on adversity, optimize performance levels, and evolve into a goal-achieving machine.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Implement and Execute the Performance Booster™ Framework
  • Reignite Your Relentless Mindset™
  • Find Your Purpose and Your Why
  • Cross Functional Collaborate and Communicate
  • Overcome the Pain From the Fear of Rejection, Success and Failure
  • Embody Your Own Relentless Resilience
  • Celebrate All Wins
  • Bonus: 2 Follow Up Calls

Keynote For Sales Leaders

Unlock The Relentless Within: How Great Leaders Inspire, Engage, and Develop Their Workforce Into Peak Performers Who Never Want to Leave.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Coach, Implement, and Execute the Performance Booster™ Framework
  • Develop a Culture of Trust and Team
  • Unlock Your Teams Relentless Mindset™
  • Connect and Inspire Your Team With Their Purpose and Goals
  • Become a Coach Instead of a Manager
  • Develop a Culture of Accountability
  • Celebrate All Wins
  • Bonus: 2 Follow Up Calls

Selling to Multiple Generations

Richie Contartesi Standing Ovation

How to Sell to Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z: The Secrets and Insights to Sell, Communicate, Collaborate, Build Relationships and Loyalty with Every Generation.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Use Our Step-by-Step System to Persuade and Sell That Fits Within Your Sales Process
  • Sell Based on the Secret Ways Each Generation Makes Buying decisions
  • Communicate & Collaborate Effectively
  • Create Loyalty Based on How Each Generation Thinks, Acts, and Operates
  • Build Long Term Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Learn Why Each Generation Responds Differently to Traditional Sales Techniques
  • Leave Inspired and Motivated to Vastly Grow Your Business
  • Bonus: 2 Follow Up Calls

Additional Services

Implementation and Accountability is everything. Group coaching and our Workshops are designed to guide you in implementing the Performance Booster™ Framework.

Coaching Calls

Coaching with leadership, the team, or both to implement the Performance Booster™ Framework & Accountability


1 or 2 Day Intensive Workshops to implement the Performance Booster™ Framework & Accountability


Check Richie’s Availability

Provide the details and the goals of your event so we can help you determine if your event is a good “fit”. To secure a date on Richie’s calendar, a non-refundable 50% deposit of his fee is required. We will also send you our agreement to review and E-sign. Upon receiving the E-signed agreement, our staff will schedule a pre-program executive call with Richie.

Create a Content Plan

Once booked, Richie will meet with you in person or over the phone to customize the keynote for your business. The executive call will help him gain insight on your sales process, organization, competition, challenges, event objectives, and event theme. Using this information, Richie will prepare a customized program that is personalized to suit your event.

Crush Your Sales Goals

Leading up to the event, we will confirm room details, provide any marketing material for your program, and handle any other logistics if needed. Richie will arrive the day before the program to allow for early sound check on the day of the event if needed and for adequate time to go over any other elements of event production to ensure everyone is ready for game time.

#1 Best Seller: In Spite of the Odds

He is one of those athletes who may not be the fastest, biggest, or most talented, but through hard work, a never give up attitude, and belief in himself, makes believers out of everyone around him.

-Houston Nutt, Ole Miss Head Football Coach

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